Call to Action: Support Increased Investments for Walking, Bicycling

Per 2009 Data, 21 Percent of all Trips in SCAG Region Made via Walking or Biking

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A Call to Action:

Earlier this week, we received the results of a 2009 National Household Travel Survey regarding modes of transportation in the SCAG Region — we were pleasantly surprised that since 2001, trips made on foot and by bike increased from 12 percent to 21 percent; however, these modes are still receiving less than 1 percent of transportation funding in the SCAG region.

This information comes at an important time as SCAG Regional leadership prepares to discuss four scenarios for the 2012 regional transportation plan (RTP) and for the sustainable communities strategy (SCS) on October 6th and October 20th.

And with counties in the region like Los Angeles, where 25 percent of all trips are currently made by walking and bicycling, it is critical that the 2012 RTP include strategies to increase the proportion of funds allocated to active transportation so that over time, such funding reflects the proportion of trips made by walking and biking.

We have created a sign on letter that outlines key ways the 2012 RTP and SCAG can do just that by:

  • Increasing Funding Levels for Bicycle and Pedestrian Infrastructure,
  • Allocating Funding for Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning and Usage Counts, and
  • Prioritizing Safety and Equity.

Please consider signing this letter in support. Organizations, as well as individuals from the SCAG Region and throughout the State of California are encouraged to sign on.

Here’s How:  Please let us know by 3pm Tuesday October 4th if you would like to have your name included on the letter by either writing in the comment section below or by emailing (include Name, Organization, and if signing as an individual, include the City where you live).

We will then add each signature to the letter and submit it to the Joint Meeting of the Regional Council and Policy Committees on Thursday, October 6th at 10 a.m.  We are also encouraging people to attend this meeting and provide public comment in support of these issues. Thanks in advance to everyone who is able to sign on to this letter and demonstrate the many voices in support of increased investments in walking and bicycling plans and projects.

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