Human Impact Partners Releases: SB 375 Performance Metrics

Photo Credit: heacphotos on flickr

Human Impact Partners, an organization that works to ensure health to be included in public policies and planning decisions, has finalized their recommendations, as developed with other partner organizations, for the use of including performance metrics in transportation planning. 

The documents are meant to ensure that the implementation of SB 375 progresses as healthy and equitably as possible.  With the intent of planners and advocates using the metrics to assess health and equity measures in their communities, the document provides resources which help to transform the policies and places in which people live.

These valuable metrics encourage public health agencies, transportation advocates, planners, and those involved with climate change issues to determine ways in which the metrics can most effectively promote health and equity in their region.

The detailed document includes ways in which MPO’s could use these methodologies to measure their Regional Transportation Planning/Sustainable Communities Strategies planning processes.  The organization encourages MPO’s to discover ways in which the metrics can best be used and offers advice to make sure they are written and implemented in the best possible way.  With their help, SB 375 will be carried out with the true goals in mind, where sustainability is paired directly with health and equity to create a better California.

To view a brief synopsis, click here.

A final document  includes a list of the metrics and suggested measurement methodologies.

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