Step-tember Meeting: Southern California Safe Routes to School Network

Please join us Wednesday September 14th via conference call from 10 – 11 a.m. for our Safe Routes to School Southern California Network Meeting. All are welcome and invited to join.

Wednesday, Steptember 14th, 10 – 11 a.m.
Conference Call Number: (218) 862-1001
Access Code: 1009315#
*6 mute/unmute

Follow our notes here

Agenda (draft):

1.  Welcome, Introductions, 5 min

2.  Check in – taking a moment to check in with those on the call what they are working on regarding Safe Routes to School and other related work.

3.  Regional Best Practices: Discussion

Recent/Relevant Resources:

Regional Action Plan for the Southern California SRTS Network, See our State Action plan

4. Walk to School events: Exciting ones coming up? Please register your Events on the International page

5.  Comments and Announcement from others

Southern California Network meetings for the rest of 2011 listed below – note  we
use the same conference call number listed above for every meeting.
* October 12, 2011 10am-11am
* November 9, 201110am-11am
* December 14, 2011 10am-11am

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