Bicycle Collision in Montebello, Ca

On Friday June 29th, a male bicyclist was injured when he was rear ended by a car in Montebello, Ca. The cyclist has serious injuries according to the San Gabriel Valley Tribune. The article also states the “driver cooperated with investigators, and drugs or alcohol were not initially believed to be factors.”

The accident was reported to take place at Beverly Blvd and Rea Dr, a particularly hostile area for cyclists to ride. No updates on the cyclist’s condition have been reported since the accident.

The same stretch of Beverly Blvd. in which the accident occurred is also part of a plan for the city to widen Beverly Blvd. in order to help alleviate traffic. The Montebello Bicycle Coalition (MBC) has previously spoken with the City of Montebello to take advantage of the Beverly widening project and add bicycle lanes on Beverly Blvd. The city’s response was that adding a bike lane would hinder the original intent of the project, which is to alleviate traffic.

Is creating more room for cars really a better idea? If the history of transportation in Los Angeles is any indicator, it seems that creating room for more cars encourages more people to drive. More people on the road means more traffic.

It isn’t the City of Montebello’s fault that this cyclist was hit. However, investing in infrastructure that is friendlier to pedestrians and cyclists is a step towards reducing such risks.

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