Plans & Programming Technical Advisory Committee

On Tuesday, July 10th, the Plans & Programming Technical Advisory Committee held a meeting at SCAG’s headquarters in Los Angeles to discuss various aspects of 2012 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP).

During the Financial Forecast Presentation by Chris Williges (SCAG Consultant), it was stated that many costs in the 2012 RTP are already committed. This information concerned Ryan Snyder (Non- Motorized Transportation Rep.) who asked what was the point of holding these advisory meetings if all the costs are committed. Likewise, Gloria Ohlan from Move LA was also concerned and asked if SCAG was still business as usual.

Of the committed costs stated during the presentation, $20 billion (6%) of the $306 billion plan is set aside for “other” projects. Non-motorized, TDA, ITS, grade separation and regional rail are all included within the “other” category. It is unclear how much funding will actually be set aside for non-motorized transportation.

SCAG Consultant Tarek Hatata’s  Transportation System Preservation Needs presentation felt like its main purpose was to demonstrate and convince others that most of the funds should go towards highways. There are many unmet costs that have accumulated over the years through neglect.  This should be seen as an example of why more car infrastructure means higher costs  in maintenance. We need to look into alternative means of transportation that are not as expensive to maintain.

Unfortunately, due to time constraints and some missing members, the Active Transportation Chapter Update was pushed back to next month’s P&P TAC meeting in August. Please stay tuned for more updates.

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