New Printable Platform Document for Summer SCAG Meetings

Download the Printable Platform to take to your SCAG Public Workshop

In preparation for SCAG’s upcoming public workshops (beginning today — don’t miss your local meeting), we’ve highlighted the key points of the Southern California Active Transportation Platform and merged them into a printable one page PDF document. The Printable Platform is intended to be helpful in the Summer RTP workshops, We encourage you to print and bring it to your meeting, as well as share it with your local SCAG regional council member.

Dolores Park Community Meeting. Photo credit: Dolores Park Works on Flickr

Questions to Ask:

– Who is your SCAG Representative and how can you contact him/her directly?
– Are the schools in my community involved in walking and biking programs and to what degree?
– How can I get involved?

Key Sections:
– Improved Planning and Policies
– Improved Data Collection
– Increased Investment
– Education and Promotion

We welcome support and additional endorsersat any time — the more voices in support of walkable and bikeable communities in the SCAG region, the more our elected officials will listen and respond.

To find out more email us at, call us at 213-221-7179, or visit us at

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