Friends and Partners – Contact Your Policy Makers, Get the Word Out

Key Congressional leaders on the transportation bill are taking steps to eliminate dedicated federal funding for Safe Routes and bicycling and walking. This is a critical time to respond to Congress and let them know how important these programs are. As a partner and friend of the Safe Routes to School National Partnership, we need your help.  Please send the alert below to your partners and constituents.

Click here to contact your policy maker.

Thank you so much for considering this request. If we are able to generate enough outcry, we can turn this around and preserve dedicated funding for Safe Routes to School, Transportation Enhancements and Recreation Trails.

For questions, contact National Partnership Deputy Director Margo Pedroso at

Key lawmakers acting to end dedicated funding for bicycling and walking

Key Congressional leaders are attacking Safe Routes to School, Transportation Enhancements and Recreational trails, and are taking steps to cut off dedicated federal funding for bicycling and walking.  We need every single person who simply wants safe options to walk or bicycle to contact their Senators and Representative today!

House Transportation Chairman John Mica (R-FL) announced today that his transportation bill will eliminate dedicated funding for bicycling and walking, including Transportation Enhancements, Safe Routes to School and the Recreational Trails Program, as well as discourage states from choosing to spend their dollars on these activities that are “not in the federal interest.” Chairman Mica’s statement that these programs remain “eligible” for funding is worthless; without dedicated funding for these three programs, they are effectively eliminated.

Things on the Senate side are not much better. Senator James Inhofe (R-OK), the lead Republican negotiator on the transportation bill, declared that one of his top three priorities for the transportation bill is to eliminate “frivolous spending for bike trails.”  These actions are in direct conflict with Senator Barbara Boxer’s (D-CA) commitment to maintain dedicated funding for biking and walking; however, the Senate is working towards a bi-partisan solution, and Senator Inhofe’s comments mean funding for bicycle and pedestrian programs is at risk of total elimination.

Help protect Transportation Enhancements, Safe Routes to School and Recreational Trails by contacting your Members of Congress. Tell these policy makers to reach out to Senators Inhofe, Boxer, and Congressman Mica and urge them to continue dedicated funding for these important bicycling and walking programs.

Need some good facts to bolster your argument? Read on.

  • Not in the federal interest?  Biking and walking make up 12 percent of all trips in the US –- even as funding for biking and walking projects only accounts for 1.5 percent of the federal transportation budget. That is more than 4 billion bicycle trips and 40 billion walking trips a year, including trips to work, school, shopping and for recreation and tourism.
  • Frivolous?  Two-thirds of all pedestrian deaths are on federally funded highways.  One-third of children’s traffic deaths happen when children are walking or bicycling and are struck by cars. Bicycling and walking programs build sidewalks, crosswalks and bikeways, improving accessibility and saving lives.

The Facts:

  1. Biking and walking are important forms of transportation, and funding for bicycle and pedestrian improvements is a very efficient use of federal transportation dollars. Portland, OR built 300 miles of bike lanes and trails for the cost of one mile of highway.
  2. These projects create jobs and build local economies. Building bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure creates 46 percent more jobs than building road-only projects per million dollars spent. Cities that invest in bicycle and pedestrian projects turn downtowns into destinations, and capitalize on increased business activity.
  3. Eliminating the 1.5 percent of transportation funding spent on bike/ped would have no meaningful impact on the federal budget, but instead, decreases transportation options for American families in a time of rising gas prices and an uncertain economy.

Why Act Now?

Both the House and Senate long-term transportation bills are being written as we speak. We still have a chance of influencing the outcomes. We need every Senator to tell Senators Boxer and Inhofe that bicycling and walking are vital parts of our transportation system, and that there must be dedicated funding for sidewalks, bike lanes and trails to ensure that bicyclists and pedestrians are safe — and we need every Representative in the House to tell Chairman Mica the same.

Please contact your Senators and Representatives today to tell them that bicycling and walking are a critical part of a safe and equitable transportation system. Ask them to tell Representative Mica and Senators Boxer and Inhofe that a federal transportation bill must continue dedicated funding for bicycling and walking.

Let’s make sure that funding for biking and walking programs don’t disappear for many years.

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