State Network – June Agenda

Thursday, June 23, 2011:  9 – 10 a.m.
Conference Number:  1-866-394-4146
Access Code:  553816012#
*4 mute/unmute


1.    Introductions – 5 minutes, end at 9:05

2.    Update from Caltrans Safe Routes to School State Coordinator, Dawn Foster, (Caltrans), 5-10 minutes, end approx 9:20

3.    Safe Routes to School Technical Assistance Resource Center (TARC) TARC June 2011 Staff Rpt – Patti Horsley, (California Department of Public Health) 5 -10 minutes, end approx 9:30

4.    State Action Plan Revisions, Jessica Meaney, (Safe Routes to School National Partnership) 5- 7 minutes

5.     Obligation Rates for Federal Safe Routes to School funds in California, Group Discussion,  key focus of meeting 20-25 minutes

2 Responses to State Network – June Agenda

  1. Tana Ball says:

    Thursday, June 26th?? what is correct?

  2. jessicamsrts says:

    oops – nice catch Tana. It’s Thursday June 23rd

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