Prioritizing Safety – for all roadway users – in SCAG 2012 Regional Transportation Plan

Using TIMS data in the Regional Transportation Plan

The geospatial PDF feature allows schools or collisions in the map to be identified and the relevant data table displayed within the PDF.

The Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) is continuing its discussion on performance measures and indicators that will be using in measuring the impact of our transportation investments in the 2012 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP).

For the past year we have been attending SCAG meetings and providing public comment to urge SCAG to increase active transportation planning and investments, in fact we have developed a platform that outlines keys ways the MPO could do just that – that over 100 organizations and individuals have already endorsed.

This list is growing – please join us in working to ensure our policy makers hear how much support and interest there is in living in walkable and bike able communities in Southern California.   We frequently submit commit letters to SCAG, and its various committees.  Today we submitted another comment letter to the Planning and Programming Technical Advisory Committee (P&P TAC) urging them to looks at how TIMS data can better inform Transportation Planning in the SCAG Region.

Key points in letter:

  • SCAG’s last Regional Transportation Plan (RTP), adopted in 2008, was an over $530 Billion dollar plan that unfortunately allocated less than 0.5% of all funding toward supporting walking and bicycling projects.  In light of the fact that Twelve percent of all trips in the SCAG region are done via walking and/or bicycling (2001 SCAG Regional Household Travel Survey), and tragically 25% of all roadway injuries and fatalities in the region are pedestrian and bicyclists (2008 SWITRS) we find these stats very troubling.
  • In light of those inequities both in investments and ensuring safety for all roadway users, we strongly encourage SCAG and the Regional Council members to ensure the 2012 RTP performance measures and/or indicators include measuring the reduction and/or increase in roadways collision and injuries for our most vulnerable users, those out walking and/or bicycling.
  • In April 2011, SafeTrec released the Transportation Injury Mapping System (TIMS).  We applaud the State of California for providing an impressive and critical tool to help regions and local jurisdictions prioritize investments to address safety first.  We kindly request that the P&P TAC discuss how this impressive and valuable tool can be used in SCAG 2012 RTP.
  • At May’s P&P TAC meeting, RTP Program Manager Naresh Amatya stated that “90% of the 2012 RTP is already written.” We kindly request a meeting on how the remaining 10% of the RTP will be developed as we see this as a key opportunity for the RTP to address Active Transportation and going far beyond less than 0.5% of a regional investment in supporting walkable and bikeable neighborhoods.   The over 100 plus growing list of groups and individuals we are working with, are sincerely interested in participating in that conversation.

You can view the complete letter here, and view last month’s comment letter here.

2 Responses to Prioritizing Safety – for all roadway users – in SCAG 2012 Regional Transportation Plan

  1. Tana Ball says:

    Finally a workable web site to answer all those collision data questions, injuries and deaths. I could not leave the web site for hours checking on all the schools and cities YES, Inc. goes to. This will make gathering needed data so much easier. Good job Teac

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