California Pedestrian Advisory Committee

Participate in the Statewide Pedestrian Advisory group. The next meeting is Thursday May 19th from 10-12. The meeting is held up in Sacramento but you can also call in via conference call.  This item has also been posted on our new event calendar.
Call-in Number: 866-810-1734
Passcode: 4427536#


10:00 Welcome and Introductions Bob Planthold

10:15 Pedestrian Detection Technology Frank Markowitz

10:45 MUTCD Revisions

  • Walking Speed Brian Alconcel
  • Rapid Flashing Beacon Beth Rolandson
  • Sam Morrissey
  • Farid Javandel
  • Beth Thomas

11:15 OTS Summit: Next Steps

  • Recap and Issues Raised Lisa Dixon
  • Ped/Bike Track Wendy Alfsen/Jill Cooper
  • CalPED Follow-up Action All

11:45 Updates, Announcements and Next Meeting Date

  • CalPED Membership Survey
  • PedSafe Tribal Project

12:00 Adjourn

2 Responses to California Pedestrian Advisory Committee

  1. I live in an area where the sidewalks are very narrow. The local police department refuses to enforce parking on the sidewalks. As a result, a baby stroller, walker or wheelchair use must go around the parked cars into the traffic lanes to navigate. I know this is a violation of the ADA regulations and also some San Mateo County ordinances that prohibits commercial vehicle parking which also adds to the problem. All requests over the years have been ignored with the excuse that the streets are narrow and that creates traffic problems. It is a residential area, no commercial at all.

    We could really use some help.

    Jack McCloskey 650-992-9139

  2. Marty Martinez says:

    Hi Jack, let’s connect about this!

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