Transportation Equity – Addressing it in Regional Transportation Plans (RTP’s)

Last month at Climate Plan’s quarterly meeting,  a presentation was given by Parisa Fatehi from Public Advocates and Bob Allen from the Urban Habitat League. The presentation provides background on the concept of equity in transportation funding as well as the efforts that are happening in the Bay Area and efforts are organizing to ensure the Regional Transportation Plan addresses and measure the equity impacts from transportation decisions.

For example – in addressing Public Health. The goal was viewed as:

Healthy communities that have clean air, safe streets that are
bikeable, walkable, with good access to jobs, opportunities, amenities

Policy Lever: RTP/SCS performance measures include health indicators

  • Reduce premature deaths from exposure to particulate emissions
  • Reduce by 50% the number of injuries and fatalities from all collisions
  • Increase the average time walking or biking per person per day for
  • transportation by 60% (to an avgof15 minutes per day)

Thanks Parisa and Bob for allowing us to share this great presentation.

Public Advocates is also leading a broad civil rights coalition seeking to improve Title VI rules and enforcement activity in the Federal Transit Administration.  The coalition’s goals are set out in a new White Paper (produced with Urban Habitat).

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