West Coast EPA Adminstrator to see Linwood Elementary and learn about their Safe Routes to School Program

Join Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition on Tuesday, February 1st for the Playa to Downtown LA ride with West Coast Administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency, Jared Blumenfeld. We’ll be joined on the ride by Mitch Katz, the new (pro-bike) Director of the County Department of Health Services, recently transplanted from San Francisco, Barbara Romero, LA City Planning Commissioner and Chief of Urban Projects and Watershed Division of the Mountains and Recreation Conservation Authority (MRCA) and many other folks along the way.

The first stop will be around 10:20 in Culver City at Linwood Howe Elementary School to meet with Principal Amy Anderson, kids, members of Linwood Howe Safe Routes to School Committee and the Culver City Bicycle Coalition, along with Culver City staff, and Gayle Haberman from the LA County Department of Public Health (DPH). Culver City recently passed their first bicycle and pedestrian plan, funded by a grant from DPH and Linwood Howe Elementary recently received state Safe Routes to School funding to improve the walking and biking environment around the school, develop encouragement programs, and increase the number of students and families that walk or bicycle to Linwood Howe.

To find out more see the LACBC blog post

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