Happy Holidays!


Best Wishes for a wonderful holiday season! Many heartfelt thanks to all who have been working on supporting walkable and bikable communities for children throughout the State of California – and also a special thanks to all who have called into Network calls, participated in moving SRTS policy and programs forward.  A big shout out to Dawn Foster at Caltrans and all the TARC staff: Patti, Justine, Victoria and Kristin – for their tireless work over the past year.

A few announcements to keep in mind:

1. Update to the General Plan Guidelines: Complete Streets and the Circulation Element – Finalized by Office of Planning and Research Dec 2010

2. For those in the So Cal Region – consider attending on Jan 11 trainings on how to apply for upcoming Caltrans Grant opportunities (EJ, Community Based Planning, Student Internships – and more). Training in person in downtown LA and via video in SCAG county offices.

3. January SRTS Network Mtgs:

  • So Cal Monthly Conference Call: Jan 12 10-11am
  • State Monthly Conference Call: Jan 27 9-10am

4.  UCLA Complete Streets Forum – Feb 25, 2011 Downtown Los Angeles

Best Wishes for a Wonderful Holiday!


(wondering about this awesome picture? It’s my nephew and nieces – all blossoming bike riders for sure!)

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