Applying for ATP funds

ATP grants will be competitively awarded based on the scoring criteria.

Eligible Applicants

  • Local, Regional, or State Agencies; i.e cities, counties, Metropolitan Planning Organizations, Regional Transportation Planning Agencies, Natural Resource or Public Land Agencies
  • Transit Agencies
  • Public schools or School districts
  • Tribal Governments: Federally-recognized Native American Tribes
  • Private nonprofit tax-exempt organizations may apply for Recreational Trail Projects and Parks Projects

Statewide Competition vs. Regional

The ATP is divided into three competitive funding opportunities – a statewide competition for all communities, which chose projects first; a competition for only small cities and rural regions, and a competition for large urban regions.

  • Statewide competition – 50% of funding went to projects in any size community to be competitively awarded by the California Transportation Commission on a statewide basis. At least 25% required to benefit disadvantaged communities. At least 40% required to be awarded to Safe Routes to School projects.
  • Small Urban and Rural Regions – 10% of funding went to small urban and rural areas with populations of 200,000 or less. At least 25% required to benefit disadvantaged communities.
  • Large Urban Regions – 40% of ATP funding went to Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) in urban areas with populations more than 200,000. At least 25% required to benefit disadvantaged communities.

The deadline for applications to the large urban competitions will depend on the region that your community resides in. Contact your local MPO for more information.

Cycle II Regional Funding Competition Calls for Projects

Please note that these dates are tentative until approved by the CTC later this spring. Each region has a different process for accepting applications. Some regions require that you apply for the statewide competition.

SANDAG (San Diego)  – TBD
StanCOG (Stanislaus County) – TBD
SJCOG (San Joaquin): June 1 – July 31
MTC (Bay Area): March 26 – June 1
SACOG (Sacramento): May 28 – June 19  (draft application available after April 16)
FCOG (Fresno) – TBD
TCAG/(Tulare County) – TBD
KernCOG* (Kern): March 26 – June 1 *note: KernCOG link is to a meeting document that outlines their process in chpt 6-5 (pg 39)

Cycle II Funding Minimums/Maximums

  • The minimum funding request per project for ATP is $250,000. This minimum does not apply to non-infrastructure projects, Safe Routes to Schools projects, and Recreational Trails projects.
  • The matching funds requirement from Cycle I has been eliminated. (See ATP Draft Guidelines pg 4)

Important Dates

  • March 26, 2015: Call for project applications released
  • June 1, 2015: Deadline for project applications to CTC. (postmark)
  • June/July: MPOs in some large urban regions will open calls for projects
  • October 21-22, 2015: California Transportation Commission will announce awards for the Statewide Competition and Small Urban/Rural Competition.
  • December 10, 2015: MPOs will announce awards for large urban regions.

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