You’re Invited! OC Active Transportation Forum – October 18th @ UCI

2013 Active Transportation Forum OC Invitation 10-18

Active Transportation Forum: Complete Streets and Active Living for Orange County

Friday, October 18, 2013

10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Free Parking – Complementary Lunch – RSVP Required

The University Club, UC Irvine

801 E. Peltason Dr., Irvine, CA

Please see agenda here – dropbox link.

About Pauline Chow
I am the Southern California Regional Policy Manager at Safe Routes to School National Partnership. Living in the foothills of Pasadena, CA. Our mission is to advance safe walking and bicycling to and from schools, to build a diverse and inclusive movement of champions, to foster the creation of active and sustainable communities, and to improve the health and quality of life for all of Los Angeles County’s youth and families. Also, I think internets and people power go together and interested in using data science to explore social justice and civic engagement in the digital space.

20 Responses to You’re Invited! OC Active Transportation Forum – October 18th @ UCI

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The fact that of the matter is the fact Apple possesses game changing technologies now, site show up at the forefront of technology for your near future. Offering curved screens for your iPhone 6 can certainly make some waves, though it may be a little already happened. As shown by Apple’s a lot less than spectacular iPhone 5C sales.For all those after the Galaxy S4 more closely, there exists a version that rocks the Qualcomm (QCOM) snapdragon 800 chip web site achieve 4G LTE Advanced for speeds way beyond that of Apple’s LTE equipped devices.One of my main fears for Apple is proving to be true, inside them for hours it unfold shall be devastating to Apple whenever they really don’t pick up its innovational and marketshare reach soon. I believe that Samsung continuously increase its marketshare through its spectacular device sales well to return. Using this success, Samsung will have a way to out innovate Apple primarily having a growing company size and resources it may use to out research, out hire and outdo Apple.Time for the final question I’ve got proposed, I believe that Apple staying very slow but steady may be a terrible idea. This idea brings me to Microsoft (MSFT) who faced some competition within the PC market when using the intense increase of Mac. Although as Microsoft maintained steadfast, it’s got kept its enormous grasp on your computer market. Apple had its highest PC sales in Q3 of 2012 at 2.15 million units, this number is not surpassed yet.This comparison may be a lot less than competitive as Microsoft has a hold across the PC market through a multitude of brands who make use of its operating-system, even though the idea is constant. This inquiry is usually if Apple remains constant and innovative, whenever they can out innovate Samsung thus regain its lost marketshare sooner or later just how Microsoft thwarted MacOS.It is a loaded question that goes back in two main regions of discussion.Apple’s OS marketshare is apparently tiny and constant thus they’ll coexist with Windows. This idea of coexistence has a clock though. Apple is usually not making equally as much money because Windows group on its smaller premium aspect of the marketshare thus it will offer Microsoft with additional sales, more profit and a lot more money in the longer term to out innovate MacOS. Mac is much more in competition when using the various devices that utilize Microsoft’s operating-system even though the comparison can be successfully placed on Apple and Samsung, discussed below. This idea will help Samsung, as Microsoft held the marketshare prior to Apple comparable sooner or later as Samsung provides the marketshare and Apple would make an effort to regain it through innovation albeit unsuccessfully as Microsoft held the computer market.Conclusion: Contributions Is TickingThe undeniable fact that Apple usually stays to the sidelines and work to innovate in hope that Samsung shall be cannot catch up enough sooner or later and will thus fail when confronted with Apple’s innovations is grasping at straws. Time for Microsoft with regards to Mac’s operating-system, the first kind experienced a lead prior to a proliferation of Mac’s operating-system just like Apple creating a lead within the premium smartphone space over Samsung. However the difference is the fact Samsung has overtaken Apple for a basis of quantity a solid tool. This quantity is feeding profit which you can use to thus out innovate Apple.There’s no question that Apple’s future innovations shall be extraordinary and they are generally a substantial and powerful company. Although creating a large savings account to accomplish share buybacks to enhance stock price is pointless once the company is losing marketshare towards the competitors. By way of example, Cisco (CSCO) boosted its buyback program by $15 billion, although though that is not overlaying the disappointing results. This company might have used the bucks elsewhere, for example a buyout of Juniper Networks (JNPR) to offer future growth and innovation near future boost on the PPS while using precious funds.I want to be clear about one item on this discussion. There’s no doubt that Apple should have enormous sales now along with the longer term, should have massive innovations and sustain a lot of brand power with a sizeable savings account to accomplish regardless of company wishes. On the other hand, the concept that Apple can out innovate as Samsung reaches some hypothetical wall is definitely that, hypothetical. This time even proves false now, as Samsung is without fingerprint scanner or 64 bit smartphone nevertheless company’s phones still sell wildly.Over time, not soon, Samsung will cement its hold within the smartphone market over Apple with regards to innovation. Samsung’s enormous profits and massive device sales is feeding the company’s growth and cash levels that will provide it the market industry saturation and resources to continue to not only out do Apple with regard to quantity, in quality. I’d prefer simply to observe Apple use its current resources and ability to expand its operations, products and grow into more competitive than Samsung, even though the clock is ticking and it feasible for it really may be already happened.Sure Samsung will achieve mature developed stage that Apple has transitioned into, someday. Although fo the time being they will likely continue outdoing and out innovating Apple while going to reach $400 billion in sales by 2020. Samsung even supplies lots of the materials meant for Apple’s smartphones, which include DRAM, displays, processors, NAND, and cameras. Samsung uses its manufacturing prowess that Apple lacks to unlock more value for your consumer. By way of example low-priced the Galaxy Note III on the iPhone 5S, the first kind has several advantages. For a similar value of $299 the Note III provides a 1.7 inch larger screen with a 1920×1080 display 1136×640 visible on the 5S. Further the note provides an extra 2 gigs of ram, a Snapdragon 800 chip that may be LTE Advanced capable rather than the A7 chip as well as an equal 32GB of storage. Oh as well as the Note III has a slick watch to work with it, lacking a counterpart Apple.
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